Insurance claims

If your roof has suffered damage from inclement weather, burglary or simply an accident the team at Done-Rite Roofing can assist you.

We understand that these time can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming – we offer our customers free, no obligation roof reports and are happy to handle the entire claims process of behalf of our clients minimising their levels of stress.

Before undergoing a major roofing project, it’s important however to first consider your home insurance policy and how it might be affected by the work that you’re doing. Some works are likely to be covered whilst others might leave your insurance in a tricky situation. In the case that you need to make roofing insurance claims, familiarity with your policy is vital.

If you require any assistance with your insurance claim, or perhaps wants a secondary, independent assessment – please contact one of our friendly team who will be happy to help you.

Roof Insurance Claims

The vast majority of insurers will often cover any damage to the roof that doesn’t come from usual deterioration and wear and tear. In the case of storm damage, burglary or vandalism, in all likelihood, you’ll be covered for the damages that your roof has taken as it wasn’t your fault, and there’s no way you could have improved the situation with better maintenance. However, the vast majority of claims in the case of impact damage will only apply to the affected area. If you have a few smashed roof tiles you may be out of luck, as they will be repaired but any minor damage affecting other areas could go uncovered by your insurance policy.

Gutter Insurance Claims

When gutters have issues, they tend to be because of long term wear and tear. Whether it’s a pipe coming loose or the wall bracket rusting away, the main reasons that gutters will start to have problems are often down to the fact they’ve been up for a long time, and that ongoing maintenance on them isn’t as common as it should be. Long term damage and wear and tear are often not covered by insurance policies, meaning that maintaining your gutters and ensuring they’re up to scratch means that you could save a significant amount of money in the long run. Inspections can also improve this and ensure that you don’t need to make gutter insurance claims, and Done Rite Roofing can help in this regard.

Fascia Insurance Claims

The fascia, or roofline, is the part of your roof that connects the external wall of your house to the roof, and can also receive a significant amount of damage through general wear and tear. This means that any fascia insurance claims are also likely to be turned down, as the damage is likely to come through either wear and tear or poor workmanship, neither of which are likely to be covered. In these cases, strong workmanship, like the work provided by the experienced team at Done Rite Roofing, is the best way to stop needing to make a claim in the long run.


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