Canberra Gutter and Fascia Repair

Canberra Gutter and fascia repair and replacement

Here at Done-Rite Roofing, we have a team local Canberra gutter and facia repair experts that can provide you with gutter and fascia replacement or repairs. We only use the best quality products, ensuring that the new replacements will provide durability and reliability throughout Canberra’s varied weather conditions.

Canberra Gutter and fascia repair residents can count on

If you think that your gutter or fascia may need repairing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Done-Rite Roofing team Canberra gutter and facia repair experts. We can find an affordable solution to make sure that your Canberra gutter and fascia repair is the best it can be. There are many reasons why you might want to get your Canberra gutters and fascia repaired – this could be anything from a simple cosmetic reworking to match the rest of your house aesthetics; to a detrimental necessity that could affect the integrity of your home if left unattended.

Canberra Gutter and fascia installation

Whether you’ve just bought a new house in Canberra, or your current house doesn’t have working gutters and fascia, the team here at Done-Rite Roofing can install a new gutter and fascia for you. Doing it yourself could prove more costly, waste more resources, and require more time, as well as posing a potential health risk; so hiring a professional can help you maximise the benefits of having a new gutter and fascia installed while minimising the downsides.

Why should I bother repairing or replacing my gutter?

A quality guttering system is key to protecting your home. It diverts water away from the structures foundations, meaning that erosion of essential woodwork and frames is less likely to occur. Not having an effective guttering system could open your home up to damage, which will cost you far more than the initial cost of seeing to your guttering. In other words, pre-empt any unforeseen costs by investing in a good guttering system off the bat!

What about the fascia?

First of all, the fascia of a house is, to put it simply,\is the flat board located at the bottom edge of the roof, below the roof tiles and above the exterior walls covering the gables and end of the roof rafter. A fascia is crucial as it seals your home and protects it against damage caused by the elements – so it’s especially needed in Canberra! Beyond a practical purpose, fascias additionally prove to be a cosmetic investment, as the alternative is exposed rafters, which are far less appealing to look at.

So for all of your gutter and fascia needs in Canberra, look no further than Done-Rite Roofing! We provide excellent service every time, using quality products, affordable rates, and the best workers that this wonderful city has to offer.


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